What differentiates EEE from our competitors is our unique focus and specialization on design and developing of fire protection systems for railway vehicles.

We collaborate actively with the customer task force, in order to integrate the fire protection system during the more suitable stages over the course of the project. From the first contact, we provide our knowledge and experience based on previous projects and “lessons learnt” analysis.

EEE solutions are based on many years of experience in the design of fire protection systems for rolling stock, enabling it to evaluate the risks and thus to find the optimum solution for each project.

We use the knowledge and experience gained from previous projects to mitigate future risk, and provide a continuously improving service.

EEE systems are based on an integral fire safety concept, which incorporates rapid detection, immunity to false alarms and automatic fire fighting. Each system is tailored according to the single project requirements and technology used.

Our control devices are compliant with EN-50155 standard: “Railways Applications: Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock”; and have been specifically conceived thinking in the harsh environmental conditions that the equipment is usually exposed on rolling stock.

Being aware of the importance of software stability during the systems life cycle, we follow a rigorous and systematic software development process according to the directives of EN 50128 standard: “Railway applications – Communication, signalling and processing systems – Software for railway control and protection systems”. We do more than just provide standard solutions. We develop software tools tailored to fit specific project requirements.


Over 20 years of commitment and dedication to ensuring fire safety in rolling stock, EEE systems have been awarded several prestigious approvals.

Our systems are designed focusing on the following standards and rules:

  • EN 45545
  • EN 50128
  • EN 50155
  • SIL
  • ARGE Rules
  • GOST
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001